Writing an Effective Discussion Chapter

a. Why do we Write a Discussion Chapter?

Writing a discussion chapter helps you to explain your work in detail. You can talk about the why and the what in this chapter. It helps you to explain the introduction, the topic and how you reached the conclusions that you did. A discussion chapter can be an informal piece of writing where you do not have to worry about the exact formats. This is comparatively easier to do and you do not have to spend a lot of time planning for it.

b. Organizing your Work

In a discussion chapter, the main thing to take care of is organizing the work you do. The work has to be in a sequence. It cannot start with talking about the findings of an experiment and then move on to the research methods used. Everything should be done systematically and in an orderly fashion. In all the other chapters that you write and in any literary work that you have done before, you might have noticed that there is a smooth flow of ideas from the beginning to the end. You should follow the same pattern here too.

c. Supporting your Claim

An effective discussion chapter will not only answer the basic questions. It will include all the details about why you have reached this specific conclusion. You need to add hard evidence to support your claim because without this your work will be unreliable. In detailed essays, you can go wrong in many places and this is what you have to clear in your discussion. So, before you start writing your discussion chapter, first jot down the main ideas and evidence that you must include.

d. Keep the General Format the Same

The format of your discussion chapter should be in line with the one you have been using throughout your work. The introduction tense should continue throughout the essay. If you divert form the original style, the work can become haphazard and the reader will get very confused. In complicated topics, you cannot make this mistake because you will not be able to help the reader in any way.

e. Give Both Sides of the Argument

It is true that you have to focus on your argument but you should also write about why the other argument is not right. There might be many reasons as to why your findings are the right ones but there will be many more reasons as to why the counter argument is not right. If you are able to find flaws in the opposing argument, it means you have done your work well and you are ready to present an excellent piece of writing.

In the end, just keep in mind that the discussion chapter in the most important chapter. If you are able to justify your points well here, you can easily present your work. The highest marks and grades are given to those who are well prepared and can make up points whenever need be.

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