Do You Want To Have UNIQUE Articles At Your Disposal Each Month, Market Yourself And Promote Your Business?

You know that information sells. You've seen other people around you promote themselves and their business by using high quality articles on their websites, blogs, and in article directories. And deep down, you've wondered whether this is the right move for you. You know you need to make yourself more visible, but writing articles? That seems impossible.

The truth is that writing articles isn't an easy business, nor is it something that you can just get done overnight... or can you?

Why Articles Matter,
In The Larger World Of Internet Advertising, There Are Those Who Sink And Those Who Swim

For some time now, you might have felt like you were a person who did nothing but sink. Or maybe you've been feeling like you're doing a lot of work, just to stay at the surface of the water, but you never seem to get anywhere.

What if there was a way to make yourself known for something more than just your business?

With high quality articles in different niches, you can begin to change the way others see you online. You won't be a whisper in the sea of larger advertising campaigns because you'll be speaking up more often than the others can even dream of doing.

Your name is going to be everywhere these articles are.

And do you realize what that means? Exposure also means:

  • More customers
  • More profits
  • More stability
  • More referrals
  • More word of mouth advertising

Now, the only thing you're going to have to worry about when it comes to your marketing plan is what you're going to do with all of the money you'll earn.

No More Marketing Nightmares

There once was a time when talking to others and cold calling was enough to give you the business you needed to stay afloat. Now that the Internet is widely accessible to everyone, business is done differently. You aren't just talking to the people in your local area - you're talking to the world right now each time you advertise online.

This is a GOOD thing. This means you have a larger audience to which to market what you have to sell. But this also means you need to work harder to be seen since EVERYONE is online. And a small business is easy to be lost in the crowd. Your name needs to be spread far and wide, helping to market what you have to offer without being overt about it.

Selling To The Smart Customer

The main problem with marketing online is not that you might not be heard because you're just one voice of many. The REAL problem is that many people simply ignore marketing online. Admit it, you'd ignored it too.

Those annoying popup ads or the pages where the advertisement comes up before the article is shown - you've clicked them away without another thought. People now live in a time when they can brush aside advertising, skip past commercials, and ignore anything which doesn't immediately pertain to them. It's convenient for them, but a nightmare for a marketer.

With articles, you don't have this problem. When you post articles on directories, blogs, and other posting sites, you can get your name spread around the Internet without looking like you're advertising a thing.

You just look like you're sharing information with others... and you didn't even write it!

Being an Expert Means Sharing With Customers Before You Sell To Them

Gone are the days when you could blatantly sell to a customer and they would enjoy it. Customers are smarter and they aren't willing to waste their time with someone who just wants to make a profit. You need to be... sneakier about it.

You need to convince your would be customers that you have not only products and/or services to sell, but that you also have advice and wisdom to share. This "help" is more valuable than a sales pitch.

When you offer to help others by sharing information, you will encourage them to find out more about you. You can then post your business link at the end of your articles and see the traffic numbers climb on your website.

You know you don't have the time to write a bunch of articles to post all over the Internet, so we've done it for you.

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