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Revision Policy:

Here at the, we provide the highest quality academic support.

We are always willing to revise our customers’ written documents and papers if it they do not live up to customer’s desires.

We will accordingly redo the paper free of charge if the client’s request for amendment follows our revision criteria:


Customer’s revision instructions must not contradict the original guidelines specified in the initial order description.
If our department of quality assurance resolves that the client’s initially posted order specifications are fulfilled by writer, the client’s request for a refund will be overruled.


Customer can send the request for correction/revision by using the "Send for Revision" option on his or her personal account page well before accepting the document.

If a customer wants to have paper reviewed after the endorsement, he or she will need to contact our customer support department within a week (7 days) from the date of the document’s approval.


A customer can use one of the available three free revisions at any time.

For this reason, it is advised to avoid pressing the “Revision” button at the same time and read the paper in preview mode in details.

If a customer cannot view the written content clearly in the preview mode owing to any technical issues, please contact our customer support department and ask for a different version of the work.

Customer can also send request for free revisions within a week (7 days) of the date he or she approves the received paper.

However, for papers having more than twenty pages, the company can fulfill a revision request within a couple of weeks (14 days) after the customer’s approval.


Number of Amendments/Revisions:

  • If met the criteria mentioned above, we may only revise the paper three times free of charge.
    If the customer’s request does not meet the aforementioned conditions, or a particular customer has by now availed his/her three version options entirely, it is necessary to make a new order specifying the modifications that need to be made in the draft apparently.
  • For any reason, if the customer pressed the button "Approve", but still wants the written paper to be reviewed, the customer can do so only within a week (7 days) after pressing the particular button.
  • In the given scenario, customers should contact our customer support department and request the essential changes.
  • When 7-days deadline is crossed, our clients cannot send a request for revision free of charge.
    In the given condition, they may make a new order for the proofreading/editing. Please keep in mind that our valued customers may send revision requests with a couple of weeks (14 days).
  • Automatically, the company calculates the approval period from the date when the previous draft was uploaded to the customer’s order page.
  • After the stipulated time period, • the customer automatically approves the paper/document (or a part of the paper/document/text).
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